Reinforce Learning

At R.E.A.D. our philosophy is to reinforce and build on classroom work. We do not require a one size fits all separate curriculum.

Only R.E.A.D., with its outstanding staff of credentialed teachers, can offer help in such a comprehensive list of subjects.

Avoid Evening Arguments Over Homework!

At R.E.A.D. we offer tutoring tailored to your child's need.

We support all subjects; including fundamentals, completing homework, achieving and maintaining grade level skills, and developing advanced concepts - K-12th grade.

35 Years Proudly Serving the East Bay & Tri-Valley!

Come in and talk to us, we are here to help.

At R.E.A.D. we focus on small group, individualized instruction by credentialed teachers in basic skills through high school course work and beyond.

We Build Confidence!

At R.E.A.D. students have virtually the undivided attention of a credentialed teacher.

Students are taught to ask questions which develops practice in forming thoughtful questions and confidence in course material and themselves.

A Fantastic Future In Learning

As parents we want the best for our children. This is what R.E.A.D. Educational Services is about; helping students and parents with the challenges of academic achievement. We cover a broad range of subjects, Kindergarten to 12th grade. From non-confrontational homework strategies to helping students with concentration-attention difficulties (ADD/ADHD), and dozens of skill areas in-between, R.E.A.D. works to provide students with the tools they need for academic success.

Our name, R.E.A.D., Resources for Education And Discovery, displays our commitment to lifelong learning and to having fun with education. Sign your child up for top of the line tutoring; no contracts, no cookie cutter 800 number franchise, no one size fits all box programs. With R.E.A.D. your child will receive credentialed teacher-led instruction in small groups, a service we have been providing for 35 years as an independent local business.

Reinforce Learning!

Collaborating with the classroom teacher, school administration and you the parent to reinforce the fundamentals your child is learning at school we work in small groups of two and three students to one credentialed teacher.

  • We offer tutoring tailored to your child's need
  • We offer "by-the-subject" tutoring
  • We cover all areas of education; math, language arts, writing, science and social studies for grades K-12

Thirty-five Years in Business!

  • We do not require contracts
  • We are not a cookie cutter 800# franchise
  • We work on the areas where your child needs help
  • We offer year round tutoring, summer sessions, grade remediation, test preparation, homework help, high school and college admissions testing, organizational and study skills, instruction for students with concentration-attention difficulties (ADD/ADHD) and learning disabilities.

We Build Confidence!

We teach students to ask questions in the comfort of a small group. They are given practice in forming thoughtful questions and must ask questions until they grasp the subject matter. This develops and internalizes a feeling of confidence that carries over to their school work.

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