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When a Student Needs a Little Extra

READ is featured in an article by Linda Sandsmark in the San Leandro Times.


Children Must Write to Learn

The unintended consequences of technology; and how technology is fixing the problem.

In a study by Indiana University reported in The Wall Street Journal (10/5/10) handwriting is critical to brain development. basket nike In fact, the motor skills used in practicing writing significantly improve learning, memory and creativity. asics gel lyte 3 soldes nike tn rouge This is particularly critical for young children but surprising was also found to benefit adults, even into their senior years. adidas gazelle asics femme pas cher

The Indiana University studies evaluated subjects performing sequential finger movements, i.e., handwriting, while in an MRI machine. Nike Noir Massive regions of the brain involved in thinking, language, and working memory lit up. air jordan hydro

But modern technology has all but eliminated the need to write. Air Jordan 3 air max pas cher We have keyboards for email and texting and voice recognition software that even dispenses with the keyboard. adidas hambourg pas cher New Balance

So what do we do besides forcing our children to practice an out of date skill? Our having one more argument that ends with “because I said so.” Well it isn’t that desperate, what technology takes away it also gives back, to reverse an old cliché. ray ban collection 2013 homme The latest apps for smartphones and tablet computers such as the I-Pad accept stylus and even finger writing (e.g., WritePad). nike blazer pas cher And for the younger generation there are apps that make handwriting a game such as ABC PocketPhonics.

AND FOR YOU HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – remember that an illegible essay on the SAT can be scored a zero, nada, zip, zilch, thanks for trying.